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Grind BMX is completely rider owned.

I got my first BMX in about 1983 and just used to mess around in the street jumping off kerbs etc.

In 1985, I saw BMX on TV and saw what could be achieved on a bike. In December 1985, I got my first decent BMX, a Skyway Street Beat.

In 1987 I entered my first ever BMX competition, a UKBFA regional event.

Over the next few years I competed in many UKBFA regional, national and international competitions.

In the early 90's the competition scene was practically dead. I decided to ride "for fun" again and mainly rode street for a few years.

After a short break, I started riding again, for a bit of fun and a bit of exercise.

Today, I still try to get out on my bike as often as I can.  I try and ride at least 2 or 3 times a week.  More if the weather is kind. 

So this shop is geniunely rider owned and unlike other shops who claim to be rider owned, I can vouch for most of my products by actually riding them myself rather going by other people's recommendations.


Grind BMX Limited is registered in England - Company No. 07195573

You can contact us on 01322 619822 or Sales@GrindBMX.co.uk or in person at 4 Manse Parade, London Road, Swanley, Kent, BR8 8DA

We are also on Facebook - www.facebook.com/grindbmx and twitter - www.twitter.com/grindbmx


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